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**Rescheduled** 2016 Family Camp 6/10-6/12

posted Apr 24, 2016, 8:13 AM by Richard Lebel   [ updated Jun 6, 2016, 4:19 PM by Katherine Warner ]
The pack is going camping at First Landing State park from 6/10-6/12.  It's a lot of fun for the boys, but it is also takes a lot of coordination getting 40 families on the same page, so please read this page in its entirety and visit it for updates about the event.  Den Leaders are the points of contact for this event.  The Den Leaders can contact the committee and pack leadership for any questions that they may have.      

Cost is $20 per family for the weekend (one or two days, same cost) non-refundable.  RSVP and pay your den leader no later than 6/6.  
Camp Sites are preassigned to the pack.  We will split them up to the Dens who will then split them up between their den.  If you have a scout in more than one den, inform both den leaders who you would like to camp with.  Each site will be occupied by 2 families.  

Arrival, park entry, and parking is always a challenge.  Each site is issued 2 parking passes which we will pass on to the den leaders the day of the event.  Den leaders will keep track of the passes for their dens (so if you are arriving on Saturday, please make arrangements with your den leader to get your pass).  Only 2 cars are permitted for each camp site.  Please unload and move extra cars to the authorized overflow parking.  The playground is not an authorized overflow and parking here will be at your own risk.


Uniforms: Scouts should wear Class B uniform for the daytime activity and Class A for the Saturday evening Camp Fire and the Sunday Field Service.  Sneakers or hiking boots are required for all activities within the campground associated with the pack.  The only exception is if we do an activity on the beach. 

Recommendations:  In addition to normal camping supplies, every Scout should come with a labeled refillable water bottle, a head lamp, and bug spray.  Coordinate with your den to determine who is bringing ice/water and how you are planning on keeping a cooler filled with potable water.  Try to avoid individual disposable water bottles as much as possible.  Coordinate with your den to minimize setup requirements and plan pot luck dinners/lunches (not everyone needs to bring a grill, lighter fluid etc).  

Scout Strong: Let us make this a healthy event for the boys by avoiding sugary drinks such as soda, sport drinks, etc...  We always make amazing deserts in our dutch ovens on the camp fire, please let that be the treat your kids get for the weekend and take the time to plan ahead and bring healthy snacks (fresh fruit and vegetables).  
Notional agenda:

Friday 6/10:  
-Arrive/Setup (on designated den sites)
-Afternoon family time
-Evening Den time

Saturday 6/11:
-09:00 -11:00 Pack Morning Activity (proposed:  scavenger hunt (webelos lead event)
-11:00 -12:30 Lunch
-1:00 - 3:00 Pack Afternoon Activity (proposed: beach clean up, beach run / fun)

Dinner time:
-Family/Den Dinner (coordinate a pot luck dinner with your den)

10 Minutes after Sunset:
-Evening Campfire
-Advancements and Awards
-Den Skits/Songs (come prepared)
-Sibling Skits (siblings are encouraged to come up with a skit).  The sibling girls have stolen the show before with some very witty skits.    
-Flag Retirements
-Den campfire time
10:00 pm lights out

Sunday 6/12:

-Outdoor Service
-Family Time
-Pack/Clean up