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Cubmaster Minute 10/19/13

posted Oct 19, 2013, 1:42 PM by Richard Lebel   [ updated Oct 20, 2013, 7:01 AM ]
Cubmaster Minute:
We have a lot planned this fall/winter!  The committee and pack have are going to be very busy!
First and foremost, the Pack Bylaws are now published online.  Please read them and digitally acknowledge (at the bottom of the page) that you've read them.   I've highlighted a few of the bylaws that I'd like to focus on right now, but they are all important.   
Uniforms:  Please take a few extra minutes showing your Scout how to properly wear their uniform.  We would like for all the boys to look sharp.  This is an area of focus for the entire pack right now as we will be marching in a few parades.  Boys should look sharp.  Awards, belts, tucked in etc..   
Volunteerism:  A large part of scouting is doing a good turn.  There are not many opportunities for our youth to give back to the community.  In my view, we do a great job here and are only getting better.  What we could really use right now are more parents to start to fill the leadership roles within the pack.  We have a lot of small jobs that we'd love to delegate to parents.  For example, Scouting for Food coordinator, Parade Coordinator, Parent Coordinator, Civic League Liaison etc.  If you are well written, we have the ability to publish articles in all of the local civic league newsletters.  Imagine how excited your son would be if he saw a picture of him in your newsletter.  Right now much of this type of work falls directly on the committee which is not the way the pack is supposed to operate.  Part of the problem is that you may not know what we need.  We're working on fixing that :)  I would really like for parents to step up and take on a few of these small jobs.  We have a demand signal for something that you are good at, just send us a note :)  Your efforts will be noticed within the pack and community.  Thanks!
Here's a brief list of where we are looking for help.
Event                                                      Date                                         Event Lead
Civic League Liaison                               - Monthly 1 page article               - Open
Parade/Outdoor Activity Coordinator        - Monthly (2-3 hours)                  - Open
Veterans Day Parade                              - Monday Nov 11th                     -  Tigers
Scouting for food                                   - Saturday 23 Nov (8am-1pm)     -  Open (with CM and last year's coordinator assistance)
VB Holiday Lighting / Parade Coordinator - Saturday 23 Nov (5pm-9pm)     -  New/open
Chili Cook Off Coordinator                       - Saturday 7 Dec                         -  Open (with CM assistance)   
Salvation Army Stocking Stuffer              - Nov/Dec                                   -  Open (with last year's coordinator assistance)
Pack Meetings:
In an effort to improve our pack meetings, Colors will start exactly when the meeting starts.  If you are running late, please quietly enter.
October's meeting will start at 7:00PM exactly.
November's meeting will be moved up to start at 6:00PM due to a room conflict.
December's and all future meeting will start at 6:30PM.  That's right, we are going to start and end earlier :)  I'm looking for feedback here if this is a problem.
Den Photos / Shutterfly:
Please post photos to Shutterfly.  I'm very interested in pulling these photos down to use during the pack meetings.  The Boys' Life Photos went over very well.  Please keep them coming!
Candy Bar Money:
Please turn in your money ASAP.  Based on the number of boxes we have sold, we are going to be handing out about $1200 in prizes at the November pack meeting!  GREAT JOB!  We exceeded our goals and the boys REALLY STEPPED up here.   We have an awesome pack!  Thank you Ginny for doing ALL of the leg work making this happen and for Sarah for putting the prize list together. 
Yours in Scouting,
Rich Lebel
Cubmaster Pack 364