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Fall Recruitment!

posted Sep 16, 2013, 3:58 AM by Richard Lebel   [ updated Sep 16, 2013, 4:44 AM ]
Please have your Scout invite their friends to our Fall Ice Cream Social.  Sept 24th @7PM at the Church!  Print and have them hand out this invitation (click here)  to their buddies.  We are still actively recruiting for new boys and leaders!  Point any potential new Scouts to our webpage and have them fill in their information here (click here). 
Recruitment is going well.  We are going to have a have a FULL TIGER DEN!  However, there is nothing stopping us from having 2 Tiger Dens!  We also gained 2 Wolfs, 2 Bears, and 1 Jr. Web.  Our goal was 10 boys and we have blown past that!  If your den is busting at the seams, start thinking about how we can split them up :) 
I sent home flyers last week (similar to the one linked above) with all of the boys that attend Thoroughgood Elementary.  If you did not receive a flyer, please let me know what your teacher's name is. 
Pack 364 has been healthy since 1970.  This year we are going to transition 17 boys to Boy Scouts.  It is nice being a big pack and we could really use everyone's help getting the word out in Thoroughgood Elementary.  It is hard to recreate something that it is great.  It's better to just keep it that way :)