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Scouting for Food

posted Oct 15, 2014, 7:01 PM by Richard Lebel   [ updated Oct 22, 2014, 1:36 PM ]

Scouting for Food

Bayside Presbyterian Church, Boy Scout Troop 364 and Cub Scout Pack 364 will be doing a good turn on Saturday, November 22, 2014 for the annual “Scouting for Food” Drive.  Scouts will distribute flyers hangers to homes in our community the week before this drive, as a reminder. 

This is the area we will be collecting from with the Scouts (draft copy, we will edit these areas based on where some of the new Scouts live).
The goal of the food drive is to collect enough Thanksgiving related food items for 100 families to have a quality holiday meal.  Donations not used for these meals will be used to restock the church’s pantry for other charitable events.    
Donors are asked to bag their nonperishable food items and leave it on their porch by 0800.  Scouts will be scouring the neighborhood picking up donations and delivering them to the church.

If you do not receive a flyer asking for a donation or your food is not picked up by 1200, please drop off your donation at the church between 0900-1200 on November 22

The boys really enjoy this event and get very excited when they come across a house with a large donation.  Please help us groom our youth into model citizens and provide for those that need it during this holiday season.  For more information, please contact Pack 364

Parents and Den Leaders, the area assignments are located at: Pack Links->Documents->Scouting for Food.     


Scouting for Food 

Thanksgiving Dinner Basic Items



Canned Gravy
Cranberry sauce
Canned sweet potatoes
Canned vegetables
Corn muffin mixes
Evaporated milk
Pumpkin pie mix 
Pie crust mix


Bayside Presbyterian Church 

Food Pantry Basic Items

(Larger quality items also welcomed and will be used for larger families)

Frozen Turkey (call us to make arrangements to donate)
Mustard (9-32oz.)
Mayonnaise (10-32 oz.)
Vinegar (16-32 oz.)
Salt (26 oz.) 
Ketchup (24-46 oz.)Oil (48 oz.)
Flour (2lb or 5lb)
Sugar (2lb-5lb)
Instant potatoes (48oz.)
Pancake or baking mix (40 oz.)
Pancake Syrup (24 oz.)
Juice (64 oz.)
Cereal (standard box size 12-18 oz.)
Luncheon loaf (12 oz.)
Beef Stew (15-24 oz.)
Rice (1lb)
Soup (10-20 oz)
Macaroni and Cheese (7.25 oz.)
Tuna Fish (6-7.5 oz.)
Ravioli or Spaghettios (15 oz.)
Peanut Butter (18-48 oz.)
Jelly (12-22 oz.)
Dishwashing liquid (25 oz.)
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Washing powder (1.5 lb.)
Instant Jell-O (3 oz.)
Instant Pudding (4 oz.)
Canned Vegetables and Fruits (15 oz.)
Spaghetti noodles (12-16 oz.)
Spaghetti Sauce (26.5 oz.)
Hamburger Helper (5.8 oz.)
Saltine Crackers (standard box size 15 oz.)