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posted Jul 17, 2014, 5:22 PM by Richard Lebel

For those that are interested, Scouting now has a STEM program.  Nova and Supernova.  We have the green light to pursue both.  If you are interested, please contact Rich Lebel for more information.  Super Nova achievements must be approved by a Super Nova Counselor.  Nova awards can be done at the parent/den level.  

If you work in a STEM field and would like to be a registered BSA Supernova Counselor, please let Rich or Jen Tabor know.  These are the most challenging awards Cub Scouts can now earn.  For more information, visit.

There are also to briefs posted here that talk about Scouting and STEM. 

Here's a link to another pack that has a former Astronaut hand out a Super Nova Award.  We can do the same thing at Pack 364!