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posted Nov 9, 2013, 6:40 AM by Richard Lebel   [ updated Nov 12, 2013, 7:19 PM ]

Here's a snap shot of the Pack Committee / Leadership positions.  We have a great pack; however, if we filled all of our committee and leadership positions, we would be AMAZING!    

-Mary Putnman is our new Asst Tiger Den leader!  
-Jessica Keller is our new Public Relations Chair!  
-Christine Ditmore is the new Secretary!
-Eric Mattison is our new Outdoor Activity Chair!

The pack needs to split the Jr Web and Bear dens soon in order to grow (or over stuff them).  The Wolf den is getting close as well.  What comes first?  A chicken or egg?  In our case, a Scout or an adult volunteer?  We need to be able to actively recruit more Scouts to fill all of the required leadership positions.  That means we need more parents to become LEADERS now.    We still have EIGHT positions that will need to be filled between now and March 2014 with parents from the Tiger - Jr Web Dens.  We're staffed at 73% of where we need to be.


Scouting has exposed my family to a great deal of things that we would have not done on our own.  My son is 7 and has been camping with the Scouts 3 times.  He's been to a police and fire station, state park, civic events, parades, and participated in a lot of other activities.  Most importantly, he is surrounded by other boys that come from families that have similar values.  This is all possible because parents have set aside their time to make Pack 364 go—and they have done a great job!  We have a lot of parents that have stepped up; however, we need more! If there has ever been a time to give back to Scouting--NOW IS THE TIME.  Our sons will thank you for it later.
Yours in Scouting,

Rich Lebel
Cubmaster Pack 364